London Wedding Photographer

Over the last several years I have had the privilege of photographing many weddings, I have seen trends come and go but I have discovered one thing remains. Your connection and your love is what drives me to create and tell a story, no two couples are the same and I am continually inspired and blown away by the people I meet and how they let me into their lives on such an intimate day.

I’m Tom Robak a Destination Wedding Photographer London and I am available for weddings in London, all parts of the United Kingdom and destination wedding or elopement because I love planes and stamps in my passport.

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Destination Wedding Photographer

A destination wedding is a unique experience, from planning and researching exquisite locations, suitable venues, accommodation, transport connections, comparing prices to organising requirements for your guests and that’s without the intricacies of the special day itself. The list is endless. I fully understand the challenges and complex logistics involved in creating that ‘day to remember’ and as a destination wedding photographer appreciate the privilege and responsibility of being able to capture the splendour and beauty of both your destination wedding scenery and the actual marriage ceremony.

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